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Sleepless | John M Morelock: Storyteller
September 13, 2020


By In Short Films
Sleepless Film
Image for sleepless

Sleepless is a film created during the National Youth Film Academy Course in August 2019. It follows a drug trial gone wrong on an unsuspecting group of students. Filmed over two weeks, the creation of this film helped cement my desire to pursue filmmaking as a career. I wrote the screenplay for the film and acted as script advisor on set.

Film Credits:
Director : Miranda Mackay
Producer: Lareb Naseem
Screenplay by: John M. Morelock

Harry Collicutt
Sotonye Ayika
Karmella Czwordon
Islam Ramzan
Joshua Hoefkens
Roxanne Hicks
Michael Way
Ashleigh Burr
James Goodall
Georgie Sandland

Director of Photography: Lorenzo Morandi
Editor: Carys Parkes
Assistant Director: Annie Harris
Jose Vicente
Andrew Robin

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  1. Ally Mitchell September 14, 2020

    These short films are so good! I look forward to seeing more.


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